Frequently asked questions

No. As the skin of pregnant women and nursing mothers is more sensitive, we do not recommend using Footner products during this period. Footner products are not suitable for diabetic patients – we suggest to always consult your general practitioner before trying new foot care products

Foorner CoolActive Massager is available in Boots Pharmacy and (UK)

The instant cooling effect of Footner CoolActive Massager provides an immediate relief of the discomforts such as burning, tired and heavy feet. This product instantly dispenses a cold foam that provides an immediate cooling effect on the feet. After an application of 2-5 minutes the skin’s temperature is reduced by 24% (8 degrees) on average.

It contains enough product up to 90 applications. If applied once a day the product can last up to 3 months. Product contains 100ml.

Footner CoolActive Massager has a study that showed the efficacy of the product in patients suffering daily or weekly from foot discomforts*. 100% of the patients reported relief from the discomforts after just oen application. The foot discomforts were reduced by 90% being almost gone after the first application and the consumer satisfaction was very high.

Footner CoolActive Massager is a roller ball massaging device that dispenses cold foam with active ingredients that reduce sensation of burning on the feet and tiredness.

After just one application of 2-5 minutes your feet will feel relaxed, lighter and less warm. Footner CoolActive Massager contains ingredients that soothe and moisturize the skin whilst leaving feet smelling fresh.

The metal ball provides instant cooling and acts as pressure massager to immediately relax the feet. Cold foam with active ingredients provides instant cooling and helps reducing swelling. The formula contains ingredients that moisturize, soothe the skin and have deodorant properties.

Footner CoolActive is used in few minutes and can easily be applied at home or on-the-go. Shake 3 times before use to mix the formula. Press the roller ball down for few seconds until foam comes out. Gently massage the foam into the entire foot, drawing small circles during 2-5 minutes. Repeat every time you want to feel the cool relief on your feet.

Footner CoolActive Massager can be used at home or on-the-go by anyone, there are not side effects. In case of diabetes or problems with blood circulation is adviced to consuler a doctor before using the product.