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"My feet feel really really soft, really smooth. There are no cracks and no dry skin at all – it’s pretty amazing. I’m really impressed with the results as I was dubious at the beginning that these would even work."

”…..nothing has ever worked and this has actually worked for me which is great. Since putting that sock on …I don’t have cracked heels. For me that’s lifechanging! It’s really impressive”

“My feet are amazing, all of the areas which had too much skin has peeled off and my feet I would say are baby soft now.”

“I was really impressed with the fact that so many areas of my feet no feel so much softer and smoother which is great!”

“I absolutely loved the socks, I thought they were fantastic, they were just so easy to use, I love the fact that I only had to give up an hour to wear the socks and then was amazed by the results over the next 10 days.”

"The socks I was given to test were extremely easy and straightforward to use. I liked the fact you had to sit down for 60 mins - this helps/forces you to sit back for that time to get the best results"

"Footner socks are great compared to what I've tried previously. One hour of sitting with your feet in socks and then the work is done for you. All I had to do was go about my normal routine"

"To start I was unsure as it didn't do anything for days, but suddenly the peeling started and where the skin fell off, a really smooth skin was underneath, loved them, still more peeling happening but very pleased so far.”

"So I have really noticed a change today, it’s day 3 and my feet are peeling so much like a whole layer, I’ve never seen so much dead skin. That really surprised me, I was shocked that it was so effective.”

"I can’t believe the change. Feet are really peeling now even my heels. It just feels a bit weird with flappy skin on my feet but I am resisting temptation to pull it off!”

“Time proved to be the only solution and my feet from heel to toe are now soft, pink and silky smooth, not a heel crack or a hint of dry skin in sight.”

“I loved the sock, my skin is still peeling off now so they look worse at the minute but feel so much better. Skin came off that I didn't even know needed to.”

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