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Exfoliating Socks

Great product!! Was a bit wary about it obviously never used anything like it before, but it is excellent well worth trying feet are lovely and soft brilliant !!!

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Get softer feet


Exfoliating Socks

Amazing stuff! Good price and good quality product

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Tip from friends/family

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Prevent cracks



Exfoliating Socks

Easy to use! Did what it said on the packet and removed dry skin over 3 to 7 days

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Why are you using Footner?

To get softer feet



Exfoliating Socks

I love to use them now in springtime to prepare for the sandals season. I do not know, why they don't sell them in Germany anymore.

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Surfing Internet

Uses Footner Exfoliating Socks to:

Get smoother feet

Hayley Boulton

Footner Exfoliating Socks

Hi, Just wanted to say that I have just used the exfoliating socks and they have changed my life. As a yoga instructor, my role encourages bare feet, over the years the hard skin on the soles of my feet have become really uncomfortable. I have spent so much on various recommended feet softeners, pedicures, petroleum jelly’s etc my next move was going to my GP to see if they could prescribe something that could help. I saw the socks at my local Boots store and thought “what have I got to loose”? I used the socks Wednesday morning, nothing happened on Thursday or Friday and to be honest I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t work!! However, by Saturday I noticed a bit of a difference and a slight peeling, little did I know that this was the start of a VERY flakey weekend. By Tuesday the following week (today) they are “baby soft” they actually worked'! In a time where we spend a lot of time making complaints I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You xx you have changed my life x very happy customer x

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