The Chemical Peel for Your Feet

What if we told you that there was a sock you could wear for two hours, that would magically transform your feet from horned hobbit hoofs, into smooth, baby-soft tootsies you can wear in those new summer flip-flops with pride?

Well there is, although that’s not quite accurate – it takes a couple of weeks and the effects in the interim can be described justifiably as ‘gross’ but the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Enter ‘Footner’ a pair of plastic socks with a chemical peeling agent inside.  All you need do is soak your feet for a while first, slip the socks on (they feel a little ick but nothing awful) then go about your business for two hours.

Take them off, then on you go!  You can soak daily for added results but it can and will work anyway.

After seven days the ‘magic’ occurs.  Your feet start peeling.  At first a little, then all of it until you may seriously wonder if you in fact have contracted a particularly nasty foot infection.

If you’re anything like our editor, you will enjoy this, leaving little papery parcels of peeled skin any and everywhere.  If you’re squeamish in any way (like the ‘eds poor husband) this will not be quite such a joyous experience.

After roughly four days of this, your new skin will be revealed.  It is advised that you don’t moisturise during the peeling period but once it stops slather the stuff on and we promise – you’ll not have seen such lovely, clean pads in years!