What causes tired, burning and aching feet?

What causes tired, burning aching feet?

Research has shown that having fallen arches, or what is more accurately described as over-pronated feet, causes a person to use more energy in walking, resulting in a much greater degree of fatigue at the end of a day than people with normal feet. This theory was proven by a research project reported in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Strenuous walking or standing for long periods has an obvious effect on your feet. Other factors include ill fitting, poorly padded shoes, tight socks or stockings. Reduced blood circulation to the ankles and feet also causes tired aching feet.

There are a number of systemic diseases that can lead to aching feet. For example, people may suffer from a diabetic foot, a condition where there is initially severe pain and then loss of sensation in the feet. Other diseases that could lead to foot pain include arthritis.